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Top 10 Fastest Supercomputers in the World 2010 list published

Jaguar by the United States still remains the fastest supercomputer in the world so far by the statistics released by Supercomputer ranking firm TOP500. Jaguar is powered by Cray XT5-HE Opteron Six Core 2.6 GHz processor.

A newly installed Chinese super computer Nebulae, build from a Dawning TC3600 Blade system with Intel X5650 processors and NVidia Tesla C2050 GPUs became the second fastest super computer in the world. Nebulae is currently the fastest system worldwide in theoretical peak performance at 2.98 PFlop/s.

Meanwhile the Indian supercomputer EKA owned by the Tata slipped down to the 33rd position in world supercomputer lists. EKA was earlier the ninth fastest super computer in the world.

The most powerful system in Europe is an IBM BlueGene/P system at the German Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ) which dropped to No. 5.

Intel dominates the high-end processor market 81.6 percent of all systems and over 90 percent of quad-core based systems.

IBM regains the lead in market share by total systems from Hewlett-Packard, IBM also stays ahead by overall installed performance.

The United States owns about 282 out of the 500 supercomputers, followed by the UK at 38 systems, Japan (18 systems), Germany and China with 24 systems each.

The top 10 super computers of 2010 as per TOP500.org the website which ranks supercomputers is as follows
1. Jaguar - Cray XT5-HE Opteron Six Core 2.6 GHz
2 Nebulae - Dawning TC3600 Blade, Intel X5650, NVidia Tesla C2050 GPU
3 Roadrunner - BladeCenter QS22/LS21 Cluster, PowerXCell 8i 3.2 Ghz / Opteron DC 1.8 GHz, Voltaire Infiniband
4 Kraken XT5 - Cray XT5-HE Opteron Six Core 2.6 GHz
5 JUGENE - Blue Gene/P Solution
6 Pleiades - SGI Altix ICE 8200EX/8400EX, Xeon HT QC 3.0/Xeon Westmere 2.93 Ghz, Infiniband
7 Tianhe-1 - NUDT TH-1 Cluster, Xeon E5540/E5450, ATI Radeon HD 4870 2, Infiniband
8 BlueGene/L - eServer Blue Gene Solution
9 Intrepid - Blue Gene/P Solution
10 Red Sky - Sun Blade x6275, Xeon X55xx 2.93 Ghz, Infiniband

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