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Tata Nano Used Car, Second Hand, Pre Owned Sales

Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car rolls out from Sanand, Gujarat, the plant where the Nano's are manufactured after Singur today.

Meanwhile the Tata Nano has hit the used car markets and has been available for the past year.

There are several reasons for the Nano to become a hit in the second hand market. The loosing of enthusiasm of customers who got the car via lottery and the need for the common customers who were not lucky enough to win the car at the first delivery itself. Find more news related to Tata Nano | Used Car

The owners of the Nano who got bored after driving the car were forced to sell it due to his high demand and second hand price.

The recent fire related issue in brand new cars has reduced the bookings of the car. Also the rickshaw-like sound of the Nano is the biggest problem for the premium users, who get ashamed while starting the car at a public place.

The price of the used Nano remains almost the same as that of brand new Nano, sometimes getting a discount of Rs. 5000 to 15000/- based on vehicle condition.

The second hand sales of the Tata Nano are available online at websites like Gaadi.com

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