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Cheapest / Low Cost Mobile Phone in India (Under Rs. 2000/-)

Do you know that Nokia offers the cheapest mobile phone in India for just Rs. 1000/-. There are several manufacturers which plays the price war by launching the low cost mobile phones for the mass market in India.

There are several phones available for less than Rs. 2000/- which includes of brand leaders like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Motorola etc.

Here is a list of Mobile phones available in India under Rs. 2000/-. Only the phones from reputed brands are displayed. Comments expected.

Nokia 2630 Rs.1950
Nokia 5030 XpressRadio Rs.1630
Sony Ericsson J120i Rs.1750
Sony Ericsson J132 Rs.1700
Samsung Guru 1210 Rs.1750
Samsung GT-E1117 Rs.1725
Samsung Guru 1125 Rs.1700
LG GB 106 Rs.1680
Samsung Guru 1160 Rs.1650
Micromax X116 Rs.1650
Samsung Solar Guru E1107 Rs.1650
Motorola W181 Rs.1540
Samsung B130T Rs.1525
Samsung B130 Rs.1475
Samsung B100i Rs.1425
Samsung E1070 Rs.1400
Samsung E1100 Rs.1320
Nokia 1661 Rs.1394
LG GB 100 Rs.1330
Nokia 1209 Rs.1250
Nokia 1202 Rs.1080
Nokia 1203 Rs.1049

prices are as on June 2010, may vary from place to place.

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