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Bribe for Riots: Pramod Muthalik, Vasant Kumar Bhavani, Prasad Attavar caught on camera

Tehelka - Headlines Today joint investigation has exposed Sri Ram Sene chief Pramod Muthalik was caught on camera accepting bribe to stage riots and violence on the streets of the country.

Watch the video Click here

Muthalik, was in news last year when he and his aides had attacked a pub in Mangalore and beaten up women in the name of protecting Indian culture.

In the sting operation the journalist acting as an artist wanted Muthalik to vandalise the art exhibition conducted by himself in a Muslim-dominated area for gaining publicity. In the video the Sri Ram Sene leaders are ready to accept Rs. 60 lakhs to conduct the violence similar to the Mangalore attacks.

Apart from Pramod Muthalik, Prasad Attavar, Sri Ram Sene national vice-president, and Vasant Kumar Bhavani, the head of the Bangalore unit were also seen in the video.

Meanwhile Mr. Muthalik has responded to the video and claimed that he has been framed and told they don't do such things.

Watch the video Click here

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