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World's most dangerous country for journalists - Honduras

Paris, April 3 (IANS/EFE) With the killing of five journalists in March, Honduras has become the world's most dangerous country for media professionals, a new report says.

The report by Paris-based media watchdog Reporters Sans Frontieres Borders (RSF) said Friday "no one has been brought to justice for any of the murders or any of the physical attacks or acts of intimidation or censorship of journalists and human rights activists" in the country in recent months.

The two most recent incidents where reporters were killed occurred on March 26, when two journalists of the Excelsior and Super 10 radio station were shot dead inside their car in Juticalpa town.

Meanwhile, a correspondent for Radio America was forced to leave the country after an attempt on his life on March 26.

RSF said the journalist "took the risk of reporting violations of free expression and human rights that have taken place since June last year."

"Shortly after he received telephone threats, two gunmen opened fire on his home in his absence. He was then pursued through the streets but managed to escape."

RSF also wrote a petition to the 27-nation European Union Friday that "a resolution is needed at the European level, and other levels, urging the Honduran government to react to this collapse of the rule of law."

At least two dozen media professionals have been killed, hundreds imprisoned and many independent media shut down in the country.

RSF had earlier said a TV news editor "had been mistreated and humiliated on several occasions by soldiers".

The media group also called attention to the threat posed to journalists by drug cartels, after journalists reported getting threats from drug traffickers.

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