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Watch Delhi Commonwealth Games Live in 3G Mobile

New Delhi, April 14 (IANS) Want to watch the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games (CWG) live without going to a stadium or switching on the telly? All you need is a 3G mobile handset that brings you all the action even when you are travelling.

The Games organising committee is also looking at developing a number of mobile applications to provide a lot more at your finger tips.

"You can watch the entire Games live on the 3G mobile. A first for any major Games, it will be an exciting experience. It was not there even at the 2008 Beijing Olympics," organising committee secretary general Lalit Bhanot told IANS.

The 3G (third generation) telecom services allow faster connectivity and enable applications such as internet TV, video-on-demand, audio-video calls and high-speed data exchange.

"We already have 3G-enabled phones in India and companies like MTNL and BSNL are already providing 3G services," he added.

The auction to award spectrum for 3G telecom services across the India is on and once it ends, the service providers will roll out the new technology in a big way.

Over 100,000 people will be in Delhi for the Oct 3-14 Commonwealth Games.

"Twenty years ago, a visitor would have been greeted with a booklet with information about important officials, helpline numbers and basic route maps. Now, all the information can be had on your mobile," Bhanot said.

Bhanot said the mobile applications will have everything, from basic information about the Games, which is in a sleek booklet form now, to even the minutest detail a visitor would like to have, such as venues, key bus and metro routes, helpline numbers, road maps, shopping and eatery joints.

"Much of the information is very critical for everyone and it will be a free service to the Games family," he added.

But the organising committee has not taken a call as yet on whether to charge visitors and Delhiites.

"We may still charge some amount for certain applications as there is a cost for providing a service," Bhanot said.

"In the basic information application, Games mascot Shera may take you on a virtual tour of the venues. Shera will be in a swimsuit at the swimming venue, talking about the event. Similarly, at the archery venue, he may be with a bow and arrow. These are basically user- friendly," he explained.

The committee is also looking at developing small video clips having important moments during the Games or memory chips with highlights of India.

"We are planning to provide capsules of public interest. For instance, a small video clip of an athlete winning a race and then receiving a medal can be sold for a small price like selling souvenirs," Bhanot said.

"We also want to market memory chips with cultural highlights during the Games or visits to heritage monuments. If an athlete or tourist goes to a cultural event and is fascinated by a dance or a music concert, he can get a video clip of the programme in a memory chip," he said

"It is almost like a walking coffee table book on the new age mobile," he added.

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