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Vishwamitra, the 'Godman' creates bomb scare on Khajuraho flight

Lucknow, April 11 (IANS) A self-styled 'godman' was arrested Sunday for allegedly threatening to blow up a Khajuraho-bound Jet Airways flight from Delhi after he got into a scuffle with a foreigner, police said.

The threat eventually turned out to be a hoax the 'godman' played.

According to the Varanasi police, Vishwamitra was on board a Khajuraho bound Jet Airways flight from Delhi. While the flight was between Delhi and its first stopover, Varanasi, the self-styled 'godman' allegedly acted "funny" with a woman passenger from a foreign country, who objected to his behaviour.

A heated argument ensued between the woman and Vishwamitra, following which the airplane's crew intervened.

Vishwamitra then threatened to blow up the aircraft. "I have planted a bomb on the aircraft and if you dare do anything against me, I will blow it up," he said.

The threat created panic among the 30 passengers on board. By then, the plane landed in Varanasi, where the airlines staff had already informed the police, who immediately got the passengers disembarked.

"Even after the 'godman' was taken into custody, he continued to stick to his threat, following which the plane was searched and it was only after a nearly six-hour detention that they discovered the hoax," police said.

The flight eventually left for Khajuraho around 6.30 p.m. and instead of returning via its scheduled route of Varanasi, it was taken back to Delhi from Khajuraho, the airline officials said.

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