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Son sues mother for 'hacking' Facebook account

San Francisco, April 8 (DPA) A 16-year-old boy from Arkansas is suing his mother for harassment, claiming that she hacked his Facebook account and posted slanderous remarks, according to Arkansas TV station KATV Thursday.

The mother, Denise New, denied the charges, claiming that her son left his Facebook page open on her computer and that she was entitled to take over his account because he had posted incriminating information on his Facebook page.

According to the boy, who was not named because he is a minor, his mother hacked into his Facebook and email accounts, then changed both passwords so he could no longer access them. She also allegedly posted remarks that involved slander and information about his personal life.

According to the report, the mother was upset about a post that suggested he had driven home one night at 95 mph (152 kph) because he had been upset with a girl. She plans to fight the charges, as she believes she was fully within her legal rights as a parent to monitor her son's online behaviour.

"Oh yeah, I'm going to fight it. If I have to go even higher up, I'm going to. I'm not gonna let this rest. I think this could be a precedent-setting moment for parents," she told KATV-TV. "You're within your legal rights to monitor your child and to have a conversation with your child on Facebook whether it's his account, or your account or whoever's account."

A hearing is reportedly set for May 12.

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