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Lalit Modi History in US has drugs, abduction and assault: Jacob Joseph Sashi Tharoor's OSD posts link

Sashi Tharoor's OSD (Officer on Special Duty) Jacob Joseph has opened up the Lalit Modi- Rendezvous fight by pointing out Lalit Modi's case of possessing drugs in US.

In the latest tweet of Jacob Joseph in his twitter account the link of the news item published in Hindustan Times about Lalit Modi, convicted of possessing drugs, kidnapping and assault in the US during his days as a university student .

According to the news item Modi had pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine, abduction and assault in the state of North Carolina in 1985.

This revelation comes after Lalit Modi started criticising Sashi Tharoor in his Twitter by linking his connection with the lady Sunanda Pushkar, who is a stake holder of IPL Kerala Team.

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