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Woman travels 14 miles by bus - to cross the road

An 89-year-old British woman travels 14 miles to reach a post office located opposite her home as there is no pedestrian crossing on the main road, a media report Friday said.

There is heavy traffic on road through Nancy Underwood's village so she has to take a 90-minute journey using four buses just to get to the other side, the Daily Express reported.

Partially blind Underwood, who walks with the help of a frame, said that she found her system the only way to cope with the busy road.

"It's dreadful. In the summer, the traffic is absolutely non-stop with a large number of heavy lorries. I find it quite frightening and alarming.

"It really is very difficult to get across. It's not a good road and we don't even have a pavement all the way down," she was quoted as saying.

Her journey begins by boarding a bus to Bridport town three miles away, where she can use a pedestrian crossing. She then makes a return journey and stops off in Chideock opposite her house, so she can visit the post office.

To get back home, she travels by bus four miles in the other direction to Charmouth village. She then uses another pedestrian crossing and completes the final leg with a fourth bus which takes her back to Chideock.


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