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Swami Nityananda resigns as head from Dhyanapeetam and trusts

Swami Paramahamsa Nityananda, who was recently in the news for a controversial video footage, on Tuesday announced his decision to resign as head of his Dhyanapeetam ashram and from all trusts associated with it and start living a life of 'spiritual seclusion' for an indefinite time.
In a press releasec available at the Dhanyapeetam website Swami Nityananda says;

I have decided to live a life of Spiritual seclusion, for some indefinite time,
to which the acharyas have agreed in principle.

In view of this, and
to enable the Dhyanapeetam to function with such amended agenda as may be
necessary, I am resigning as the head of the Dhyanapeetam and from all the
trusts associated with it. A board of trustees consisting from sadhakas of the
Dhyanapeetam who are non-controversial, will henceforth manage the Dhyanapeetam.
I have also requested the Acharyas to help the newly constituted trust reorient
the activities of the Dhyanapeetam increasingly to undertake spiritually
oriented service activities and to guide the trustees. I have also directed the
new trustees of Dhyanapeetam to seek the counsel and go by the advice of the

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