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Sahi Dhande Galat Bande Parvin Dabbas gets his film title from Twitter

Bollywood celebs like Priyanka Chopra and Farhan Akhtar are on Twitter to connect with friends and fans, but actor Parvin Dabbas found a novel way to use it - he got a title for his directorial venture thanks to the social networking site.

"It was actually Mr. Anupam Kher who suggested to me to take to Twitter to hunt for the title," Parvin told IANS over telephone.

The actor had initially announced a cash reward of Rs.15,000 to whoever would suggest a title that he would choose.

"I had announced about the cash reward within my cast and crew. One day Anupam-ji came and asked me to post it on Twitter as well. He also Tweeted about it. We had a few other titles but finally 'Sahi Dhande Galat Bande' was selected," he said.

Parvin is still trying to find out who gave him the film's title. The only cue is that he is one among Anupam Kher's 26,420 followers on Twitter.

"We are figuring out who the person is and where he lives. If he's someone from outside Mumbai, we'll get him here and give the reward," said Parvin, who has acted in films like "Monsoon Wedding", "Maine Gandhi Ko Nahi Mara" and "Khosla ka Ghosla".

Parvin's "Sahi Dhande Galat Bande" is an action comedy with a political twist, and revolves around a gang of four guys. Apart from Anupam, the film also stars Vansh Bharadwaj of "Heavens on Earth" fame, newcomers Kuldeep, Ashish Nair and Tina Desai.

The cast also includes Kiran Juneja, Sharat Saxena, Yashpal Sharma, Neena Kulkarani and Vipin Sharma.

Parvin is not only directing the film but is also acting in it. Asked if it was difficult to tackle both the responsibilities, he said: "I did a lot of preparation in terms of storyboarding as well as acting. I knew how I would be handling it."

Delhi boy Parvin has mostly shot the film in various parts of the capital and claims his film doesn't cater to a specific audience.

"I am not a kind of person who keeps a target audience in mind. It is a film that will be watched in multiplexes, single screens across towns and cities," said the actor.

"It has been an interesting journey. I am happy to get work that I enjoy. I try to do something that people would enjoy and get entertained," he said.

Apart from his directorial venture, Parvin is also doing films like "Undertrial" and "Alibaug".

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