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Rajinikanth's Punch dialogues from Endhiran

'Arthasasthram Unga Vazhi, Dharmasasthram En Vazhi'

Superstar Rajinikanth's movies are famous for punch dialogues delivered by him. These dialogues which blends with the screenplay of the movies becomes an instant hit among his fans.

Endhiran - the Robot, the new movie by Superstar Rajinikanth also has some of the so called punch dialogues. Some of these dialogues has been out in the internet includes

'Arthasasthram Unga Vazhi, Dharmasasthram En Vazhi'

'Vazhkkai Koduppavan Vakkaalan, Vaaikkarisi Poduravan Vetpaalan'

'Arasiyalil Endrumey Naan Nirayuthapani'

Endhiran, regarded as one of the highest ever film budgets of the Indian film industry is expected be released in July 2010.

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