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Pandyflu vaccine: Pandyflu H1N1 (Swine flu) vaccine by Panacea Biotec

Panacea Biotec, India’s 2nd largest biotechnology company will be giving the world,
indigenously produced Pandyflu™, its vaccine against the H1N1 virus (Swine flu). Panacea Biotec is developing
the conventional inactivated split virion vaccine using egg-based technology.
In view of recent onset of influenza A (H1N1) pandemic- Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India
(MoH-FW) has encouraged indigenous development of influenza A (H1N1) and / or other pandemic flu vaccines.
MoH-FW held a series of meetings with indigenous vaccine manufacturers to assess their capacity and willingness
to develop, manufacture and supply the product. The ministry entered into this Advance Market Commitment
(AMC) Agreement with Panacea Biotec and other two manufacturers recently at Delhi.
Commenting on the development Mr. Soshil Kumar Jain - Chairman, Panacea Biotec said, “Development of
Pandyflu™ and AMC with MoH-FW is one of the most prestigious milestones for the company. Vaccine
development and production has been a great strength with Panacea Biotec. This time again the company
has responded to a global call by coming forward to contribute towards protection against the pandemic.
I am glad that our scientists have been fully equipped to respond to the global emergency and are now
ready to deliver the product Pandyflu™.”
Mr. Sandeep Jain, Joint Managing Director, Panacea Biotec commented, “We have come forward to take
this up as a social responsibility besides the revenues that follow. It is a test of our technological, managerial,
operative and administrative competency beyond commercial aspects. I am proud that Panacea Biotec is
exhibiting a leading outlook with dedicated service to public at large. Pandyflu™ is not just another
product to generate revenues but aimed to serve national emergency to protect people against Swine flu.”
Mr. Sumit Jain, Director Operations & Projects, Panacea Biotec remarked “As the world is dealing with the
deadly swine flu, the public looks forward to healthcare companies like Panacea Biotec – pioneers in
vaccine development to offer advice and solution to such drastic health emergencies. It has been reported
to be a global pandemic in 168 countries worldwide including India. Our Supply Chain Management (SCM)
competencies enable us to respond swiftly, to such emergency situations. The Pandyflu™ will shortly go
in production and will be delivered across the market through a highly effective SCM network.”
Dr. V.K. Vinayak, President (R&D), Panacea Biotec reflects, “We have ensured that in the event of a deadly
pandemic, our country is not caught flat-footed. Our scientists have been receptive, affable and eager to
contribute in emergency situations. We have employed egg based technology which is a sure shot path
for developing flu vaccine with more than 40 years experience and well established regulatory pathways.
We are committed to deliver a product matching international standards to boost immunogenicity and
dramatically to reduce the amount of viral antigen required, resulting in faster production of swine flu
vaccine quantities to fulfill the global need.”
Panacea Biotec has set up a state of the art BSL2 level manufacturing unit (high-containment facility) with BSL3
practices on its sprawling campus spread over 75 acres of land at Lalru, Punjab for manufacturing of Pandyflu™
vaccine. This facility has an annual capacity to manufacture 45 million doses* of the vaccine.
The company has developed a unique virus purification strategy that has yielded satisfactory results in trial runs.
The company used the seed virus to produce three consecutive batches of the vaccine using embryonated chicken
eggs. To develop this technology, the company had procured a classical reassortant virus from CDC, Atlanta in
June 2009. With unprecedented speed, the company has completed all key steps in development process of H1N1

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