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IPL Matches in 3D through theatres

Chairman and commissioner of the Indian Premier League (IPL) Lalit Modi Sunday said that the league has tied up with UFO Moviez for 3D screening of four pre-final matches in theatres across India.

"Today (Sunday), we just finalised that the last four matches of the IPL - two semi-finals, third play and the fourth play matches - will be shown live across cinema halls in India through the UFO chain in 3D," Modi told reporters.

"It's the first time that any sports body is doing it in a large way and we are going ahead and making the 3D production available in India and hopefully some other parts of the world," Modi added.

"Today was the first day I went to many different malls and saw the live experience of the IPL in cinemas. I must say the experience was absolutely incredible. The crowd was very good and the quality provided by UFO was absolutely breathtaking," he added.

Modi believes that the IPL craze among cricket lovers is much more this year than in previous years.

"This third season of the IPL is much more successful than the previous season because people know more about it this time and people have given huge support to the teams of their choice," he said.

Asked about how different the 3D experience would be, he replied: "People will have a unique experience watching it in 3D. For example in 3D you will feel that the ball is passing over your head," said Modi.

Modi said that if he is successful with this experiment, from next season all 94 matches would be shown in 3D.

"We are starting with four matches and if this experiment is successful, all 94 matches from the next season would be shown in 3D," he said.

"We will be the first sporting body in the world that is embracing this and the objective again is of course to keep innovating. We are known as an innovative league and so we want to be at the forefront of innovation. We want to be the first," Modi said. (IANS)

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