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India at 123rd position in 2010 EPI ranking-2010

India is lagging far behind in environmental performance as indicated in 2010 Environmental Performance Index (EPI). In spite of taking all out efforts, India is ranking at 123rd position.

The report on 2010 Environmental Performance Index (EPI) has been produced by a team of experts from Yale University and Columbia University and was released on 28.1.2010. A total of 163 countries have been ranked as per EPI and India figures at 123rd position.

It has been said that serious data gaps have limited the ability to measure performance on a number of important issues. Notwithstanding the above fact, the relatively lower rank of India appears to be due to its huge population which exerts immense pressure on the environment. Moreover, the analysis of the policy drivers underlying the 2010 ranking suggests that income is a major determinant of environmental success.

It is not correct to say that the newly industrialised nations are in much higher position as per the EPI. Though some countries like Brazil and Russia are ranked 62 and 69, countries like South Africa, China and Indonesia are ranked 115,121 and 134 respectively.

The factors responsible for pollution in India are the increase in vehicular traffic, high rate of industrial and infrastructural growth, increasing urbanisation and pressure of population. The Government has taken various steps to control pollution. This including notification of general and source specific emission and effluent standards, implementation of auto fuel policy including usage of cleaner fuel, introduction of Environmental Impact Assessment Process for industrial and infrastructure projects, implementation of Charter on Corporate Responsibility for Environmental Protection in respect of 17 categories of industries, regular monitoring for compliance of environmental standards and preparation and implementation of city specific action plans for improvement of air quality.

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