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I see a day when voice calls will be free: Sam Pitroda

Telecom guru Sam Pitroda Wednesday said he could see the day when people will not be charged for voice call even as "data would drive" the growth of the telecom sector in the coming years.

"First phase of telecom revolution is beginning to end and the second phase of telecom revolution is just beginning. First phase was to really connect everybody through voice. I see a day where nobody will charge you for a voice call," he told women journalists during an interaction at their club here.

"It (voice calls) will be free. But data is going to be the key," said Pitroda, who is popularly known as father of India telecom revolution.

He said that with data people will be able to manage their schedule, contacts, office work, bank information, information on education, entertainment, healthcare and other issues.

"Data will be the main driver," Pitroda added while replying to a query whether data will drive the growth of the sector in next 10 years.

Giving his own example, Pitroda said: "I have all information regarding my health -- doctors, hospitals, pharmacy - on my phone. I take 12 tablets a day and it's not possible for me to remember. I have to look in my phone. All these things are going to be a reality and its already happening."

Pointing out to his cellphone, he said: "This is going to be the lifestyle manager and manage your life. For housewives, it will be one, for journalists it will be something else, for engineers it will be something else, for school children it will be something else. Everybody will have this to manage their lives." (IANS)

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