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Google Shopping India: Google launches Shopping Search option for India

Google launched a tool for the growing trend of online shopping in India and finding information about thousands of products and their prices through web pages, company officials said Tuesday.

"Google users can access information on product names, prices and images from about 30,000 Indian websites and portals with a new tool through its search engine," the Indian subsidiary of the global firm said in a statement here.

Information on a plethora of popular products such as mobile phones, household goods, washing machines, and other products is available on the sites to select the best buy for the best price from different stores across the country.

"The tool also helps users to select a price range from the listings with specific information on diverse products," Google India products' head Vinay Goel said.

A study recently showed that online search has become an integral part of the product purchase decision process by end-users. The tool is designed to help users to make a decision faster and find deals online. (IANS)

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