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GoJiyo Virtual Planet GoJiyo.com

Godrej Group has launched a new social networking website GoJiyo.com. GoJiyo is not like the current social networking websites like Orkut, Facebook etc. It is an Indian version of the much popular SecondLife virtual world.

GoJiyo is a highly animated vitrual world where the users can land in a new planet where time travel was a possibility, teleportation a reality & flying a daily activity?

The virtual world is open to all users where they can join a tribe, build a new life, a new world.

The new planet has a size of 2.6mn KM2 and now with a residents of more than 5000 and population of more than 12,000

You can chose Male/Female avatars and dwell in regions like urban super CITY, ANCIENT KINgDOM, MOON COLONY

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