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Goa Police Anti-Narcotics - Israeli drug dealer conversation Youtube video by OrenbenYaish

A video uploaded on the popular Youtube website showing an Israeli drug dealer talking about his alleged links with the Goa police's anti-narcotics sleuths has created a flutter in the state.

The 8.16-minute long video was uploaded on youtube.com by user OrenbenYaish back in April 20, 2008, and features Atala, a reportedly notorious Israeli drug peddler.

Atala, an Israeli youngster with close cropped head, is shown in the video speaking about how a senior anti-narcotics cell (ANC) officer, whom he identifies as 'Ashish', regularly sells him drugs seized from raids and even deposited with the magistrate.

"This Panjim police... this narcotics the chief.. Big chief. Maybe he is one giving drugs. Maybe... he said something to give it to friend. All the time he is giving me five kg charas, ecstasy...," Atala, who has been arrested previously on drug peddling charge told an unidentified person in the video.

"He is very young. Three star (inspector). Before I meet him two star.., only two star. Now he get one more star and he is now big chief... The head anti-narcotic. He know me from before. The first time I meet him. I fight with... he said Atala, listen u my friend. I know u good heart. I like you. I create no problem for you. Give me 10 ecstasy. I tell listen.. You are anti-narcotics. I not give u 10 ecstasy. I scare to give you. He said you are my friend. I open my pocket and give him 10 ecstasy," Atala says, adding this risk had forged the relationship between the two "more stronger and stronger and stronger".

During the video, an unknown person, whom Atala identifies as an ANC official, also hands him a white plastic bag with cocaine.

Atala, who is seated in car parked near Calangute, also says that the rear seat of his car is packed with cocaine, heroine, charas, etc.

Incidentally, the ANC was headed by police inspector Ashish Shirodkar for a period of more than two years since 2008.

Ashish's mobile phone number read out by Atala in course of the conversation, also matches with the official phone number of Shirodkar listed in the police records.

The arrest of David Driham alias Dudu, a notorious Israeli drug peddler, has opened a Pandora's box for the state police. Sources said that Dudu under interrogation has named three police officials and several journalists, including reportedly an editor, who he said he had bribed in order to carry on his business unhindered.

The video and its details have stunned the Goa Police.

When contacted, Superintendent of Police Veenu Bansal refused to comment on the issue, virtually scampering away from the media at the police headquarters.

Deputy Inspector General Ravinder Yadav said he was not in a position to comment on the video right away.

"We will be in a position to say anything only after we verify the genuineness of the footage," he said.

Hours after Yadav was handed over a copy of the controversial footage by mediapersons in Panaji, Director General of Police (DGP) Bhim Sain Bassi claimed that he was not aware of such a video.

"Now that you have told me, we will view it and take appropriate action," Bassi said. (News published under the licence from Indo Asian News Service)

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