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Buy White House furniture in India - imported by Angelika Kriplani

Want your house to look like the White House from inside? Then grab the chance to own replicas of the furniture adorning the US president's home while sitting in India.

Imported by interior designer Angelika Kriplani in collaboration with American company Bakers Furniture, The White House Collection includes plush sofa set, a double bed, Obama study table, lamp shades and much more.

"This is an exclusive collection which is actually displayed in the White House. It is elegant, sophisticated and caters to discerning people," said Kriplani, vice president of Renaissance Homes.

The furniture has been made from different kinds of wood like mahogany, maple, cherry and finished in a very different way that, Kriplani says, would make anybody's home look rich.

"Most of the fabric used in the furniture is scotch-guarded and the chances of it getting dirty is very rare," she added.

Kriplani has been into the business of importing international brands in India for the past 14 years and has also done interiors for many well-known names like businessman Vijay Mallya, actress Juhi Chawla and entrepreneur Feroze Gujral.

She also desgined the corporate offices for Jindals, Dabur as well as the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Delhi.

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