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Bihar Divas 2010 Bihar Day Celebrations on March 22

Preparations are in full swing here to observe the first-ever Bihar Divas (Day) on March 22, an official said. The British colonial rulers had carved Bihar out of the Bengal presidency on March 22, 1912.

Thousands of people from all walks of life are expected to gather at the historic Gandhi maidan here for the celebrations. 'People from different parts of the state would participate in the Bihar Divas celebration from March 22 to 24,' an official from the department of art, culture and youth affairs, said.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said the state government's decision to observe the celebration was to help advertise Bihar.

In order to ensure the people's involvement in the event, the government has declared a public holiday on Bihar Divas.

A mega set to display Bihar's heritage was being designed by well-known Mumbai based set designer Umesh Kumar Sharma. 'I am trying my best to make this mega event a memorable one,' Sharma, who is from Bihar, told IANS.

He said that all the important heritage sites will be showcased during the celebrations. 'It will be a rare show as people will be able to enjoy Bodh Gaya's Mahabodhi temple, Rajgir's peace pagoda, Pawaqpuri's jalmandir and Vaishali-garh.'

According to official sources, different government departments have been directed to organize programmes and highlight their achievements.

A coffee table book on Bihar's monuments will also be released to mark the occasion. (IANS)

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