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Zaynah Vastani and Ziyah Vastani, cute little celebrities of India

Zaynah Vastani and Ziyah Vastani are the new two little cute kids in Indian movie world. The little celebrities are Identical twins, aged and has handful of offers from big and small screens.

Zaynah aged five, plays the role of the autistic child Antara Verma in Zee TV's Aap Ki Antara.

Aapki Antra deals with the life of the girl and how she affects the lives of those she encounters during her journey of life. Aapki Antra, the Zee TV soap opera which premiered on June 1, 2009 has become top in the viewership charts with the help of Zaynah.

Zaynah, has an identical twin Ziyah, who also is in the movie world. Ziyah plays Darsheel Safary's sister in the upcoming bollywood movie Bum Bum Bole. Zaynah has appeared in several ads like Britania, Godrej, Santoor, Sunsilk and Peposdent along with her twin.

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