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Sach Ka Saamna Star Plus Rajeev Khandelwal, Vinod Kambli, Smita Matai

STAR Plus, will launch its newest reality show Sach ka Saamna, the Indian version of the popular international show 'Moment of Truth' of Fox Television. The show will be hosted by actor Rajeev Khandelwal.

Sach Ka Saamna with the tagline Sachchai ki Agnipariksha is a psychological game that tests the nerve and integrity of a contestant. This show will have the contestants reveal uncomfortable truths of their life which they will have to answer in front of their loved ones.

The contestants will face 21 questions about their own life and the answer to each question will have to be either a 'Yes' or a 'No'. The authenticity of the answers is determined by a polygraph test based 50 questions answered by the contestant earlier. Out of this stack, 21 questions are picked out to be asked on the show and the answers for the same are known to no one else but the contestant himself. Questions are based on their relationships, views, sex etc. As a part of the show, the contestants' families and friends are seated right in front of them, in the studio.

With each truth, the contestant rises up money tree, where the questions start getting more personal and edgier by the level; getting them closer to Rs. 1 Crore, which is the top prize.

Sach ka Saamna attempts to bring about a positive change by helping the contestants resolve issues of their past and to lead a better life. The first episode of the show will be telecasted on July 15th at 10:30 pm. Smita Matai, a research associate, will be the first contestant in the show.

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