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Now Chat, Tweet and Email from Space with Space Internet (Interplanetary Internet)

Now the Space travellers and Astranauts can check email, chat, and tweet sitting in a space shuttle or a distant planet. Yes Internet extends its networks our of this world to other planets. Thanks to the Space Internet of Interplanetary internet which is currently under developement by NASA.

The Inter planetary (World?) Wide Web developed under the The Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) system, will allow astronauts to Google from the moon or tweet their observations from space, National Geographic reports.

DTN is not only used merely for internet browsing, it is a netword for simplifying space command and control functions—such as power production or life-support systems—crucial for future space initiatives.

In November 2008 NASA tested the network by sending space images to and from the EPOXI spacecraft, 32 million kilometers from Earth. NASA plans to equipp missions from 2011 with the Space Internet.

with inputs from National Geographic

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