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Missile Woman of India - Tessy Thomas

Tessy Thomas, project director (mission) of Agni-V Missile is regarded as the Missile Woman of India.

Tessy Thomas is the first woman to become the project director of a crucial missile system from the 950 women scientists in the DRDO. Nearly 20 women scientists are currently involved in the Agni project.

Tessy Thomas, 46, been associated with the Agni project for the last 20 years and have been Associate Project Director for Agni I, II and III. She is an expert on `solid system propellants' which fuel the Agni missiles.

Thomas was schooled at Alappuzha in Kerala and took B.Tech from Thrissur Engineering College, Calicut, and M.Tech from Pune-based Defence Institute of Advanced Technologies before moving to Advanced Systems Laboratory in Hyderabad.

The Agni V which has a strike range of 5,000-km, will be test fired for the first time next year.

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