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Idea Walk When You Talk www.walkwhenyoutalk.co.in Ad, Website and Caloriemeter

Idea cellular has launched a “Walk When You Talk” advertising campaign which porrays how technology including mobile phones are good for health and fitness. IDEA’s new campaign suggests that if ‘Talktime’ equals ‘Walktime’ for mobile users, their fitness scores can go up. Idea has launched a new ad, website and ringtone for promoting "Walk When You Talk" campaign.

Idea has launched a television ad on 'Walk when you talk' campaign featuring Abhisekh Bachchan.

Idea has also launched a website www.walkwhenyoutalk.co.in containing a 'Walk n talk meter' where you can check how much calories you burnt while walking during your talk. The website also features a space for uploading funny videos of people taking a walk when they talk. The 'Walk When You Talk – Theme' ringtone can also be downloaded in the website.

Idea's innovative advertising campaigns with the tagline ‘What an Idea, Sirji!’ had become popular earlier among television audiences.

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