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Find answers for those 'not so easy' questions from your kids

Where Babies Come From?..Why don't women have mustaches and beards? ..Why do people fall in love? ...
Most of us, especially parents of kids must have experienced these types of 'not so easy' questions asked by their children.
You may know the answer, but don't know the way to present the answer. Answers has to be presented in such away for those questions that cannot be directly answered or grasped by your kids.

Now technology has come for the help of those parents who find hard to answer the 'tough yet simple' questions of your kids. The website Whyzz (www.whyzz.com) answers those complicated questions. whyzz is the place where parents with curious young children can find and contribute kid-ready information about how the world works.

Here are some questions which are answered in the website
Why is milk white?
Why does a day have 24 hours?
Why do I have to brush my teeth?
Why can you eat the seeds in some fruits and vegetables, but not others?
How does a cow make milk?
How does a speaker make sound?
Why can't kids drink alcohol?
Why doesn't my tongue fall out of my mouth?
How many people are on Earth?
Why do we dream?
Who made words?

You can use Whyzz by either typing in the exact question you’re hoping to find an answer or search by keywords, or browse by categories.

Answers are written by Whyzz team, psychologists, experts, and members of the website.

The mobile version of the website is also available to be browsed from phones.

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