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Duronto Trains: Indian Railways Duronto Non-stop point to point trains introduced

A new train service by the name ‘Duronto’ with AC and non-AC sleeper will be introduced for non-stop point to point services between select cities throughout the country.

1. New Delhi-JammuTawi Non stop (Tri-weekly)
2. Howrah- Mumbai (AC) Non stop (Bi-weekly)
3. Mumbai-Ahmedabad (AC) Non stop (Tri-weekly)
4. Chennai- Delhi Non stop (Bi-weekly)
5. New Delhi -Lucknow Non stop (Tri-weekly)
6. Delhi-Pune (AC) Non stop (Bi-weekly)
7. Howarh - Delhi Non stop (Bi-Weekly)
8. New Delhi -Allahabad Non stop (Tri- weekly)
9. Sealdah-New Delhi Non stop (Bi-Weekly)
10. Kolkata-Amritsar Non stop (Bi-weekly)
11. Bhubaneswar - Delhi Non Stop (Weekly)
12. Ernakulam - Delhi Non Stop (Weekly)

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