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4th World eBook Fair opens this month at www.worldebookfair.com

The 4th Annual World eBook Fair will be held online in the website www.worldebookfair.com from July 4th to August 4th, 2009. More than 2,000,000 PDF eBooks are available for download during the fair.

The fair is set up by Project Gutenberg in association with The World Public Library and Digital Pulp Publishing, Internet Archive and Jim Baen.

Most of these eBooks are to be given away free of charge. The collections include 2,252,000 ebooks from
100,000 from Project Gutenberg
500,000 from The World Public Library
1,385,000 from The Internet Archive
250,000 from eBooks About Everything
17,000 from IMSLP's Music eLibrary

The access to the online fair will be open from 7/04/09 to 8/04/09 at www.worldebookfair.com.

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