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Wikipedia now available in a book format

Wikipedia, the world's largest user written online encyclopaedia has been converted into a book by Rob Matthews. The Wikipedia book which has 5,000 pages is 1ft 7ins thick and contains 437 featured articles from the website, reports The Telegraph.

22 year old editor Rob Mathews selected 'featured' Wikipedia articles for his book, from millions of articles to make the book 'shorter'.

Wikipedia currently has 2,911,451 articles in total in the English version alone as per the article count available on the main page. In comparison of popular encyclopedias, Wikipedia had about 1,400,000 articles with 340 million words in total, the Encyclopædia Britannica had about 85,000 articles with 55 million words in total, and Microsoft's Encarta had about 63,000 articles and 40 million words in total.

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