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Top 10 Misspelled Words in English Language

We all often make mistakes with spelling in English language. Every one has their own favourite words which they usually misspell. According to a recent study, the most misspelt word in English language were located and published. Here is the list of top 10 most misspelled* words in the English language:

1. Definitely (Definately)
2. Sacrilegious (Sacreligious)
3. Indict (Indite)
4. Manoeuvre (Maneouvre)
5. Bureaucracy (Beaurocracy)
6. Broccoli (Brocolli)
7. Phlegm (Phleghm)
8. Prejudice (Predjudice)
9. Consensus (Conscensus)
10.Unnecessary (Unecessary)

What word do you misspell often? comment

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