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How to unsubscribe/unregister/delete BSNL Tunes (BSNL Caller Tune)

BSNL Caller tunes are the songs which the caller hears instead of ringing tone when calling. The tunes are available at the website http://bsnl.onmobile.com:9000/bsnltunes/
Steps for removing BSNL Tunes (caller tune, hello tune) is as follows:

Un-Subscription (Removal of Caller tunes): Send SMS “BT DACT” to 56700.
Dial “56700” and follow IVR machine voice and say “Un-subscribe”

To Register for BSNL Caller tunes

Send SMS “BT ACT” to 567 for registration
Send SMS “BT ” to 567 for song selection.
Send SMS “BT REQUEST ” to 567

Monthly Subscription Charges: Rs 20/-
Monthly Song Charges: Rs 12/- for premium songs Rs 9/- for non-premium

Call to 56700
Call charges: Rs 4/- will be deducted per minute.
SMS charges: Rs 2/- will be deducted per SMS.

Premium Song MEANS all movie songs.
A non-Premium song means any recorded song or recorded voice by customer himself.
Month means 30 days period from date of registration.

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