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Dacoit Ghanshyam Kewat of Chitrakoot, UP killed by cops

Dacoit Ghanshyam Kewat alias Nanhu, who was involved in a gunbattle with police officers for the last 50 hours in Uttar Pradesh's Chitrakoot district, has been finally killed.

The encounter which started two days ago at Jamauli village had resulted in the killing of three policemen and injury of many. In the encounter he used 350 rifles of .303 calibre, 12 bore guns and hand grenades etc. The stiff resistance offered by the gang finally broke up when Kewat ran into the 500-odd policemen and was shot down.

Police had offered Rs. 50,000 reward for giving information about the whereabouts of the dreaded dacoit Ghanshyam Kewat earlier.

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