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Create an Online Diary for your Baby at Hiraj.com

Hiraj.com is an online baby journal where parents can collate important and vital information about their baby's growth and preserve those precious memories of their child online.

It allows parents to share their child's progress and development which friends and family worldwide. Parents are able to store their childs important information in form of a baby diary with pictures, video, record of their milestones and maintain medical journal.

Hiraj.com offers parents with a safe and free website to record their child's first movements, first steps, crawl and their everyday journey. Hiraj.com is truly personalized just about the child, letting you combine and arrange all their information in a single place.

Hiraj.com features several tools such as a baby diary, maintain growth chart, build family tree, wish list, gift list, and lot more.

Visit www.hiraj.com for more..

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