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State Bank FreedomRewardz Program www.FreedomRewardz.com SBI FreedomRewards

FreedomRewardz is a Loyalty Program launched for State Bank Group Debit Card customers. FreedomRewardz, will help you to earn points whenever you choose to buy a product or pay for a service using your State Bank Group Debit Card.

All State Bank Group Debit Card holders are pre-enrolled into FreedomRewardz, on an individual basis. Each member will have only a single membership with FreedomRewardz, irrespective of the number or types of accounts held with the State Bank Group. However, members need to activate the FreedomRewardz account by visiting www.FreedomRewardz.com or by calling at 6000-8500.

FreedomRewardz members can accrue two and a half FreedomPoints for every Rs. 100 spent at the POS. FreedomRewardz members can redeem their FreedomPoints to get FREE gifts, merchandise and services from our redemption platform.

For more information visit www.FreedomRewardz.com

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