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TPFP | www.tpfp.org | Total Physical Fitness Programme

Total Physical Fitness Programme is a comprehensive health related Physical fitness programme for school children in Keala. TPFP is the Kerala state fitness test battery for youth.

The assessment was developed by Directorate of Sports & YA, Govt. of Kerala in response to the needs in physical education programmes for a comprehensive assessment protocol.

The assessment includes a health-related physical fitness tests designed to assess cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

Norm–referenced standards associated with good health have been established for children and youth for each of the health-related fitness components.

The software for the programme produces an individualized report card that summarizes the childs performance on each component of health-related fitness and provides suggestions for how to promote and maintain good fitness.

The sophisticated database structure within the programme produces compiled class reports and allows for long term tracking of the students fitness over time.

TPFP can be used by students to help them in personal fitness programme planning, by teachers to determine student needs and to help guide students in programme planning, and by parents to understand their child’s needs and to help the child plan a programme of physical activity. Moreover it can be also used as a tool for talent identification.

for more details visit www.tpfp.org

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