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Karnataka Bye Election Results 2008, Karnataka election result, Counting of Votes in Karnataka , Karnataka Live Results, Bye-Election winners

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The counting of votes for eight assembly constituencies of Karnataka to which by-elections were held, would be held today.

By election to Arabhavi, Hukkeri, Devadurga, Karwar, Turuvekere, Madhugiri, Doddaballapur , Maddur constitutencies was held on December 27
The feat of Umesh Katti (Hukkeri), Anand Asnotikar (Karwar), Balachandra Jarakiholi (Arabhavi), K Shivanagowda Naik (Devadurga), C Chennigappa of BJP and Congress MP R L Jalappa';s son J Narasimhaswamy (BJP) in Doddaballapur will be known today

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