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Aarvy Online Stores Pvt. Ltd. ("Aarvy") is a subsidiary of Aarvy, LLC founded in 2000 under the state of Illinois, U.S.A. Aarvy now has its operations in India. Aarvy, LLC had its operations at 5757 N.Lincoln Ave. Suite 18, 23, Chicago, Illinois 60659, up until the project was developed. Content servers and development needs for Aarvy is now taken care by ICS Global LLC DBA doublematrix.

Aarvy offers an online platform where millions of items ( goods & services ) can be traded ( bought / sold / rented / exchanged ) each day. Aarvy serves to a diverse community of individuals, merchants, small businesses and big enterprises. Aarvy enables trade on a local, national and international basis.

Visit AARVY www.Aarvy.com Aarvy Movies www.movies.aarvy.com Aarvy Schools www.schools.aarvy.com Aarvy Health www.health.aarvy.com Aarvy Homes www.homes.aarvy.com


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